Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

Imagine a world where everyone is even. Imagine a world where everyone has the same clothes, the same food, the same cars, houses and toys. Imagine a world which – in theory – should be an Utopia, but in fact is a kind of prison which stops you from spreading your wings and kills all your creativity. No freedom.

This world is a called communist country. I was born in one – Poland.       A post-communist country where you still could feel the smell of socialism. I smelled it at school, at camps, at sports clubs, at work and in daily life. And maybe it’s my oversensitivity and overprotection of my own independence, which are caused by this background in which I grew up, but I deeply believe that every single being is – of course – equally special, but first and foremost different!


Be One and Only

Luckily we live in the world where everyone is encouraged to highlight her or his uniqueness! We do all kinds of sports, or kinds of jobs and can choose any diet which pleases us.
However, as we have completely alternative activities and lifestyles, we should remember that our needs are also different.

BJJ fighter has different needs than a south paw striker, or Thai boxer. The same applies to runners, weight lifters, swimmers etc.!

I am happy to see that public understanding of the value Yoga brings expand EVERY DAY! More and more athletes see how crucial it is to implement Yoga into their training routine – to improve not only flexibility, but also strength and breathing.
Yoga is the best injury prevention program which you can imagine, but only if it’s designed according to one’s personal needs! Practice involves certain level of stress on tendons, muscles and joints – if you are an athlete, randomly chosen routine can rather overuse your body, than enhance your game! It’s important especially for very active people!

Train Smart – Simplicity is the Key

Yoga classes in a regular studio are great for people who do nothing but Yoga. Keep in mind that if you have a sport which is your main activity, and you want to train smart – you should practice Yoga which is designed according to your needs, not that of a group!

As a coach, personal trainer and a Yoga teacher, in my few years of working practice I’ve seen everything! It’s funny – when you take a look at an athlete, you see nothing but superhuman power and strength. Well, the background of that picture is often painted by soreness and suffering which come from many injuries. Of course – not all my students are competitors! Some of them are businessmen and women who just want to be in shape. However, their nervous system is also overloaded – they often have no time to sleep, or even eat! Imagine a person, with no prior rest and meal, on a hot yoga class – it’s an easy way to pass out!


Here is a Gift – It Comes with the Price

That is why I designed the Plus Performance Yoga System – I know that personal approach it the key! All those acrobatic and seemingly impossible yoga poses are achievable. By making small steps, one can develop great abilities. Simplicity is the source of strength, power and balance – that’s my philosophy and the base of my system.

The conclusion is: it’s our privilege to be extraordinary, but every gift comes with a price.
We not only can, but should treat ourselves specially! Yoga makes changes in mind and body, and brings balance into life. That balance helps to face obstacles, not only during sports competition, training or at work, but in daily life too!

We have just one life – and it’s way more pleasant when balanced – give a try!