6 exercises before you start surfing!

I started surfing few months ago, and from all of sports I’ve ever tried in my life – and, trust me, the list is long – surfing is in my top 5 of the most difficult disciplines to learn!

Even though I’m physically active and my body is strong and flexible, it took me quite long before I finally popped up! I’m pretty lucky living in California with everyday opportunity to sharpen my skills. But I also have bunch of friends visiting me, who want to learn surfing in a condensed period of time. I assist them on the tough beginner-surfer path, and I observe most common weaknesses and lacks of mobility which are making everything even harder.

These observations resulted in an easy training plan which I designed according to all of my friends needs! I’ve packed everything into one bag, light enough to be lifted by anyone!

If you’re like one of my friends, and your time to learn surfing is limited, you absolutely want to be physically prepared before your surfing vacation! This 6 exercises before you start surfing are perfect for you!

Start as soon, as you can – sooner is always better! Two or three months sound like ideal advance! However – if your trip is in next two weeks, it’s yet not too late!

  1. Surfer squat – open your hips! 

Hips mobility is super important in surfing. It leads you to an easy pop up!

2.   Cobra – strong lower back exteriors will be working hard during the surfing – that is the position in which you’re going to spend a lot of time!

3.   Hight to low plank with elbows glued to torso. You need to push your body up into your pop up with your hands right under your chest – better to be prepared!

4.   Upward dog from cobra – in the deciding moment, you have to move your body super fast from laying position into standing – that is a one of the most critic moments!

5.   Knee to chest in a high plank – your strong abdominal muscles must be ready to carry your leg in between your hands, let’s build that strength!  

6.   Stepping into lunge from knee to chest in high plank position

If it sounds like a perfect training routine, but you have no idea how to put this all together, check my online training video for surfers in which I used all of these 6 exercises before you start surfing! Click Here


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