have no fear

I was asked to describe an event aka achievements of my life, that shaped my character and defined who I am today.
First thought: “Damn, there were tons of situations. What would be the best choice?” I rewound my tape and it occurred to me that there is really a lot of them and it’s impossible to select the most powerful one, even more as together they form quite an exciting story.
The more I was thinking and – I have to be honest – getting delighted Emotikon wink, my conclusion was that there is one common thing for all of them, one thing which was the big beginning of all, it was one big farewell, saying farewell to fear. And overcoming fear could be very exciting!
Even as a child, I did things considered risky, and unfortunately most of the people interpreted this as my desire to show off. Their criticism drowned out my natural voice, and forced a code of conduct in accordance with the so-called social norms, my ardor and enthusiasm were put into a coma.
After years came the moment when I realized that a lot of my decisions are dictated by fear – fear that my family would be upset, that I would make someone feel bad. Many books read, hours spent on thinking and many experiences led me to one conclusion – You are not able to give anyone happiness, love or anything that is positive, if you don’t live in harmony with yourself, if you are not an attestation of the truth about yourself. And fear is nothing but a brake that prevents the realization of your true self, in its purest form.

And now every step that I take is dictated by my heart, often abruptly and unreasonably, but always in harmony with my own. Hundreds of voices saying: “don’t do it”, “think a bit”, “shouldn’t do”, “should do”; fortunately, this one – voice of the heart – effectively drowns out the rest.

On my way I made a lot of more or less ground-breaking decisions that led me to the place where I am now. Places that I chose and which couldn’t be replaced by any other. Which of these decisions was the most important, whether it is something you choose? Of course, this one, because it entailed the rest.


Why is worthy to practice overcoming fear? BecauseI do not like, do not want, do not agree to that extract of misery – fear. That’s why I quit it, that’s why I keep it away from me. I choose the courage, I choose myself.
This is that one decision, which took me here where I am today, which defines my today’s form.
Following the principle that says: there is no effect without a cause, it turns out that by overcoming fear, we have a wonderful opportunity to easily find a way to happiness.
Naturally, fear – as a ubiquitous, natural and free tool – can be utilized with great effects – just use it properly