Breakfast Plate for injured – Eggs, Mashrooms, Tuna, Rice and Hummus Combo!

If you’re injured, then you need regeneration, this high protein breakfast recipe is calling you!

Calories: 744
(proteins: 29g, carbs: 62g, fat: 34g)


  • mashrooms – 60 g
  • chopped onions 0,25 cup
  • eggs 2 med. size
  • butter 1 tsp
  • goat cheese 2 oz (60g)
  • corn 0,5 cup
  • rice basmati 0,25 cup
  • homemade hummus 2 tbsp (Find recipe here:
  • lemon juiced  2 tbsp
  • kale 1 cup (50 g)
  • tomato 0,5 med. size

IMG_5218 Directions:

  • Cook the rice (relative: 0,25 cup of rice to 0,5 cup of water)
  • When the rice cools down, put it in a dish and add homemade hummus, corn, spices and squeezed lemon juice. Mix well.
  • Use your magic hands and form small goat cheese balls
  • Cut tomato to slices and then organize it on a plate. Use the fresh kale as a bottom layer – add a bit of spices and situate cheese balls on the side.
  • Cut the onion and fry it in the butter on the pan until onion “glazes”, then add cutted mashrooms, fry for few more minutes, until soften. Add salt and pepper and the eggs – scramble until they done enough. Transfer the eggs straight from pan to the plate! Otherwise there’s a risk of drying them out 🙂
  • Place the salad on the plate
  • Serve with hot scrambled eggs, and with love 🙂
  • Enjoy!


  • Sugested as a breakfast or after workout meal (if you finish workout before 7 p.m)

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