How to find happiness

How to be happy? What happiness actually is? Where should we go to get it? – we ask ourselves these questions all the time and – what is sad – we often don’t get answers.

Mostly in my life I was a happy person and I didn’t have problems in getting what I wanted. Maybe because I was always focused on tasks at hand and no matter what people used to tell me, I did my things.

But there were some tough moments, the bad ones – I don’t want to call them a waste of time, because they resulted in very useful reflections which are the base of the way I’m living my life – but to be honest, I think it should have taken a little less time than it actually took. There is a Polish expression which says: “you have to touch the bottom to bounce back”, basically it seems that sometimes you have to ruin everything just to start all over. Personally I’ve turned my health to wreck – of course it was the part of my mental escape, but you can trust me – if physical activities are a very important part of your life and one moment some arrogant guy tells you that you CAN’T do it for a while, plus you know that he’s actually right – it hurts. First few weeks seemed to be a literal detox therapy, I was struggling in spasms and hysterical reactions. But in time all got better and better. I comprehended my situation, I accepted it and started asking myself questions which would help me to get to know why I found myself in that place and what I could do to find peace in my life in this difficult circumstances. I came up with some basic conclusions which I’m going to share with you:


Nobody walks in your shoes but you. Ohh yeah – that’s true! The thing is that I had too many pairs. Too many already started projects in life sometimes seem like a mission impossible, and if you are a perfectionist, it could be a source of desperation, which in turn leads to depression. Conclusion: grab as much as you can. CAN. As your hands are able to handle.


Imagine the situation: your friend – let’s name him Adam – loses a chess competition. After all you go for a dinner just to discuss what happened.

Your fault. You did that wrong. You should have made a different move, You should have done it in a different way. Blame it on you. You got what you deserve. – Would really it be your response? I’m pretty sure that it would not.

And now turn the Adam into you. You would never say something like that to other person, especially if she or he is close to you. It’s way easier to say all this cruel words when they are addressed to ourselves. But where is the sense?

The “chess competition” is a part of our existence. How better it sounds when you say: It happened. This time it didn’t work, maybe you should modernize your strategy. But don’t give up – you still have good results. It’s a part of the game. Perfect – you have a new experience!

So be Adam – your closest friend. Don’t punish yourself. Relax and play your chess game, trust your instinct.


As I said, and as I will continue to say – life is short. If you found the love of your life – don’t speak to the others, stop testing and wondering but go and merry her or him!

We are afraid. Always afraid. Especially of destabilization and passing by. But when we think for a while, it’s easy to see that trying to get stable and reach an unchanging point is something madly opposite to our natural state. Find someone who will give you a hand and help you to keep balance when your earth starts shaking and the one, who will go with you on that journey which the passing by actually is.

We are changing dynamically, even our body cells are changing. Perfect ! – We’re getting more experienced with every day. It’s good to spend our time intentionally – to be in a good mood, good health and good condition. Time is running. What already was is a history, what will be is a mistery. So live your moment, use knowledge you already have, respect the future and take what life gives you. Live your life alive.


Identify your own skills, start working to improve them – take that job as a daily routine. We have so much responsibilities – self development should be the most important one. When you really practice a skill, the results are easy to see. And there is no better feeling than seeing progress.


Before you make a big step, consider carefully your closest surroundings. There’s a lot of trash which is successfully demolishing your own ecosystem. Word trash in that case means toxic people who are disturbing the perfect sound of your life by the negative vibes. You don’t need it, this track is too short. Rejecting sometimes helps on way to be happy.


Lurk, stalk, wondering, wasting time. Testing, sticking to schemes. Why? Probably because of fear. If it’s “maybe”, it means no. If it’s “yes”, it means yes and you should go for it asap, before you waste another second. Time is the only real value in this life.


It’s a big deal only if you see it as a big deal. No offence, but who are we in that universe? Do you really think that our existence is something so big that we should sacrifice our own happiness for it, or maybe it is just not worth it and instead being so serious it is better just to care a little bit less?


Don’t lock the door when love is knocking, let it in – new doesn’t mean bad.


Comparing people to the others is the most nonsensical activity ever. Basically it is the same thing as trying to decide what is better – to be a man, or a woman. We’re all different. Yes – absolutely different! Different sexual orientation, different skills, different experiences, different ways, hobbies etc. etc. Stop comparing, it’s a road to nowhere.


As I observe people, I have noticed that most of us are trying to find something, but we don’t actually see the things all around us. We just want more and more, but we are completely blind to perceive what we have already reached. So maybe sometimes it is good to stop for a while, take a look at what we have and take a second to appreciate it.


Yoga helps in finding calmness and spiritual balance. In this link you can start your own yoga journey, followed by me. Give yourself this 5 minutes of purity

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