I am expected to be well educated. I am expected to always look good and to have a smile on my face. I am expected to be fit, talkative and sociable. I am expected to be sexy and virtuous. I’m expected to be a good cook. I’m expected to be kind and gentle. I am expected to be brave and a warrior. I am expected to be a house wife. I am expected to be a CEO.

I am a woman.

Being a woman these days can be tough. I am Polish. Poland is a post-socialistic country where old standards are clashing with new ones, in a pretty nasty way.

Women – we want to expose our freedom and express ourselves, but at the same time we are expected to be absolutely everything – to play the old school roles, and the new roles we’ve chosen to play.

We don’t want to fail – warriors’ flesh and blood. But we all have limits too.

If we push the edge, we will find the edge – and that’s a risky game to play for a long term.
Sometimes we have to truly ask, instead of what others are expecting, what am I expecting?

Capital YOU

They say you can’t change people. Well, there is this one person who is actually a subject to your change. This is the same person with whom – no matter if you like it, or not – you are going to spend the rest of your life. I guess you already know about the very person I am talking about. The capital YOU. Relationship with ourselves is probably the most important one in our life, and therefore a one the most worthy to invest in.

With everything necessary to live a perfect life, I was struggling with my fears, insecurities and low self-esteem. Why? Today I know that I was worrying too much about stuff which is not worth to worry about. So funny how eager I was to satisfy others, how badly I wanted to meet expectations which were never mine! Instead of dealing with my inner demons, I was trying to cover them with nice clothes and a mask of someone I was never meant to be. It took me some time, but today I know that all of my “mistakes” were absolutely necessary to find my true self. It was my research time and I would never call it wasted.

The worst nightmare can bring a relieving awakening. It can sound ridiculous – especially when the nightmare takes place – but it is true.

The biggest turn of my life happened when I was really hurt by another person. Months passed before I realized that the one who hurt me was no one else, but me. When someone embraces different values, when they act in the way which we can’t accept, but we still stick with them – it’s us. It is us being violent towards ourselves. It is us letting dark side to put the shade on our light. When I finally realized that and just let go, I made some huge decisions which determined my life today.
People come – some of them stay, most of them go. All leave marks on our past, but even the nasty ones can and should be considered as lessons.

You First

Do you remember how flight attendants instruct us before a flight? They always say that first you put oxygen mask on yourself, then on your child.
I like this analogy because it’s so vivid and literal. Even with best intensions, you can’t heal the world if you’re not healthy yourself. And I mean it. Most of my girlfriends are truly exhausted – physically and mentally. They are working so hard on so many levels, that their hormonal system is getting crazy. They want to satisfy society by being “perfect” in each and every area, but it results in turning themselves into wrecks. Don’t get me wrong – been there, done that! It took me two years to get my period back!
Recovery and good sleep are absolute numbers one. Our world is our life. Our life is us – body and mind. We need to nutrient both with the prima sort feed.

Iron sharpens iron

All the women on the Earth – I beg YOU! Please, please, please stick with these people you would recommend your best friend to stick with. Iron sharpens iron, right? Your crowd is your choice. And this choice puts light on your transformation. Be selective – choose bright people who can rise you, not ones who will drug you down!

Strength is a woman.

Women are not weak. Woman’s body is so strong, that in 9 months it can create a life from a zygote! This body is special and it requires tons of love. Sleep enough, eat healthy and exercise.

If you love your body, it will love you back!

Use your super woman powers wisely.

Sometimes we have to give 200% – that’s life. But other times there are moments when we have to restore that energy, and we should be resting with the same dedication as we work hard. Weekend with Netflix is not a crime!

There is more than only one version of you

In life we can be anyone we want to – we have that freedom. We also don’t have to stick to the one role only. There’s a time and a place for everything. Some roles we can mix, some of them we might place on a different point on the timeline than the others, but we can try ourselves in many areas. We can be athletes, business sharks, mothers, travelers, politicians and whatever we want! World was never that open for us as it’s right now. We use it, and we are rocking it!

No one can help a woman like another woman

I was talking to my friend lately about how sad it is to see women being offensive, jealous and not supportive towards each other. It is so illogical! This competitive and protective drive sleeps somewhere in our atavistic instincts, but we evolved so much since back then, that we really should control ourselves.
The truth is that no one can understand, sympathize and support a woman better than another woman! And we really should look after each other, be kind to each other and remember that no matter how it looks from the outside, there is always a story behind and everyone carries their cross.

I have to mention that – the first woman we have to support at this very moment of the civilization’s development, is the Mother Earth. Without her, there’s no us. Let’s all keep that in heart and mind on every step we take – because very single step and every choice we make – they matter.

What are you expecting?

Always stay true to yourself. Be a warrior and fight, but for your own reasons, not to meet someone’s expectation. You have it in your blood. Follow your desires and initiate the action. Everything you want, everything you work for – all of these you deserve!

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