My pura vida

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Kontuzje w Jodze

Kontuzje w Jodze - 5 najczęstszych urazów w praktyce Yogi   Yoga  jest wspaniałą drogą do duchowego balansu i zdrowia fizycznego, jednak rozumiana i praktykowana niewłaściwie, może zaprowadzić nas zupełnie gdzie indziej. Dziś napiszę o pięciu najczęstszych...

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Rio – follow the rivers 😉

It’s not a secret that because of love of my life I’m the happiest girl in the world. He’s the most ingenious person, and his Brazil project I appoint as the 1st one on surprise top ten list. During this time, we were living long distance relationship. He was on...

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Pure Shores of Costa Rica

Is That Coast That Rich? Costa Rica lays in Central America, surrounded by the Ocean on the west, and Caribbean Sea on the east. We choose pacific shore as the one which we want to see. After this part, we went straight to the rain forests, waterfalls, jungles and...

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Touch of refresh

Sometimes there is nothing better than to reminisce old times and friends. Paradoxically, a breath of old air can be refreshing. CrossFit workout, old times

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Gain in pain

I literally hate cold, cloudy weather and mostly everything that has to do with winter. But I also love awesome people around me and their smiling faces are effectively compensating the lack of sun. Well, it’s always good to have another position on my experiences...

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