Pure Tuna Salad

Delicious low calorie tuna salad!

Calories: 269

(proteins: 20g, carbs: 40g, fat: 3g)


  • Tuna in water 0,5 can (2 oz drained) IMG_5168
  • Basmati Rice 0,1 cup
  • Kale 0,2 cup
  • Tomato 1 med. size
  • Corn (can) 0,2 cup
  • Cooked Black Beans 0,2 cup
  • Red Onion 0,2 cup
  • Lemon juiced 0,5 lemon
  • Spices: salt and pepper


  • Cook the rice (relative: 0,1 cup of rice to 0,2 cup of water)
  • When rice is getting done, cut the kale, tomato and onion, remove tuna and corn from cans  – place all ingredients in a dish, add black beans, spices and squeeze lemon. Mix well.
  • When the rice cool down, add it to the salad and leave for 1 hour in a fridge.
  • Serve with love 🙂
  • Enjoy!

Good to read before you buy canned tuna http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-17823/the-best-worst-canned-tuna-in-the-u-s-based-on-sustainability.html