My way on a highway

What way is the best?

They used to tell us that reaching the goals step by step is the perfect way for people do get what they want. They also told us that big shots and radical moves are reserved for these ones, who can make impact, have resources and  are special in some undefined  aspect.

If they can say, then I can ask. What is wrong in dreaming big? Why they give us advices to take it slowly, if at the same time there is a completely available highway which can take us way faster to the place where we want to be?

I think that the point is not to be afraid of anything. And not compare ourselves to the others. Every single person has its own story, own mentality, own point of view and just because of that, it’s pointless to try to live  our lives in the same way.

My Parents were born in the ’50, they are very good, brave and open-minded people who helped me a lot and supported me my whole  life, but unintentionally they also made me stuck for years in the point where I was completely incapable  of making a single move. Why?  Very easy! After my high school, I was the purest definition of youth – full of enthusiasm, courage, insolence and something that people used to call arrogance. I was ready to just spread my wings and win the world. I was literally ready. But my parents believed that  finishing studies is something as much important as a right hand and unfortunately I went to a university.

I have to agree that education is very important , but the education in accurate fields which doesn’t always identified with engineer or historical studies. My example is the best – I spent many years studying very interesting subjects, but subjects which are not even close to what I’m doing today to earn my money. Maybe the knowledge I have got helps me in some ways – I want to believe it, but if I want be honest – and I always want – I think that if I had spent all of the time that I dedicated to my studies for education in different ways – MY WAYS – now I would have got all that I have right now much earlier.

Not all, but sort of this youthful potential went nowhere. And it’s not about judging somebody, or wondering  how it could be. I’m perfectly happy with who I am, where I am and who I’m surrounded  by.  I just want to show you how it works. It doesn’t make any sense to do what others tell you, because – even if their intentions are good – their ways are different, the plan for them is also not the same. And sooner or later, you always have to face your truth or – otherwise – be unhappy, because the person who left her dream is incomplete,  unfulfilled.

It’s not that someone is doing something better or worse. For example, my BMW is way faster and better looking than my friends off road jeep, but in the woods or mountain it is only better looking 😉 Easy, just like that! So you are BMW, he’s a jeep, and there is also a lot of Hondas, Ferraris, Hummers and Fords. We all are different, and it’s just awesome!

So once again, what way is the best? It’s nothing improper to be your own role model. And you should remember that there is no one on this planet who wishes you better than just you and also knows you better.You can speed, you can take it slow – it’s all on you! So take your own advice, follow your voice and choose your way.