Why not every Yoga Video is for you? Because accidentally chosen routine can, rather than improve flexibility, overuse some of your joints and cause an injury. A person with a lower back injury has different needs than a one with an injured knee. Yoga can instantly make your performance plus, but only when it fits your needs. Feel free to be special, get Yoga plan designed just for you!

How does it work?

All you need is place the order. You will be asked to fill up a short information sheet. Every member of Plus Performance Yoga is special! We want to be perfectly sure that sequence which we design for you fits your needs. Therefor we will contact you in 1 day to give you all the information and discuss all of details.

You will receive your Yoga Video in 3-4 days!

Does it expire?

Whenever you notice that tension or lack of strength in particular body areas are gone, and you feel fully comfortable in all asanas (Yoga poses) is a time a next video! We have whole history of our student’s personal practice and all new yoga videos are designed according to previous ones!

Why Plus Performance Yoga?

Plus Performance Yoga is a registered in California, legal firm – it guarantees that you are dealing with a professional and reliable company.


Plus Performance Yoga offers you 3 options of Yoga Video!

Just Yoga Video

Access to a personalized yoga video.

$300 $175

Yoga Video Plus

Access to a personalized yoga video and 4 video calls with the teacher. During the calls the teacher will give you advice, answer all of your questions and show you solutions for any problems concerning your yoga practice.

$350 $225

Yoga Video Double Plus

Access to the yoga video including 4 video calls with the teacher and teacher’s analysis of your own practice. You need to record yourself during practicing your sequence and send us the recording. The teacher will analyze it and give you feedback on what you should work on to reach perfection!

$475 $275