Rio – follow the rivers 😉

It’s not a secret that because of love of my life I’m the happiest girl in the world. He’s the most ingenious person, and his Brazil project I appoint as the 1st one on surprise top ten list. During this time, we were living long distance relationship. He was on vacation in Rio- living paradise, I was in Warsaw- living the nightmare. We had an awesome habit to talk every day on the FaceTime. After the one of this conversations I was very sad, but I took myself together and got back to my daily routine. After one hour I received the message: „check your e-mail”. I checked.- And what? – And ticket to Rio!

DCIM100GOPROWhat about Rio?

When I write word „Rio”, I feel sad that there is no option to put a big heart above the „i” instead a dot! I literally fall in love with that city and if you ever have an opportunity to visit that place, you absolutely can’t waste it! I hope that article will be helpful Rio de Janeiro trip planner!

What touched me the most, was closeness of the Ocean and beautiful shores; Ipanema and Copacabana are the most fantastic urban beaches I’ve ever seen! But if you want to see Windows 95’ desktop background in life, you’re very welcome! 40 min by car and bang! You have everything you need with local Ricardo in a package, bringing you freshly made Caipirinha that touches not only because of good taste, and great look, but percentage as well. The waves are just perfect to surf, beach to beaching, and views are veryIMG_2412 IMG_2441 attractive to every lens. Other hand – the availability of the nature is just fantastic! It takes 20 min to get from the center of this metropolis to the tropical forest! Because of geographical location,  the Rio jungle delights not only because of exotic fauna and flora (lianas, fruit trees, monkeys, reptiles and birds), but also by waterfalls and hilly terrain, which turns your walk into the literal hike!


Rio de Janeiro trip planner


What people complain about Brazil, is the kitchen. And I have to agree that it wasn’t my favorite way of preparing the food, but because  I’m a pescatarian, the major part of cookery world is unreachable for me. I’ve also heard that Brazilians are grill masters – so don’t base on my opition and check it by yourself. In the end of the day, it completely doesn’t matter! Possibility of getting fresh, raised in the sun fruits, just fished fish or acai on every corner – it compensate everything!


If you earn in dollars or euros, you will be nicely surprised by prices in bars, restaurants and stores. Except the ticket, vacation in Rio seem to be not expensive.


Prices in hotels are regular. If you get used to stay in hotels, nothing will surprise you. But what we did – and I really recommend it – was renting the place on air bnb. We paid $45 per night, for nice, beachfront apartment, located literally 20 steps away from the Copacabana (sharing for two, means great deal).

Flying tickets

You can find great occasions in airlines offers, and is always good to look for a good deal, but my experience shown me that sometimes is better to spend these few more dollars, because obviously you will save some money, but you also will, instead of 6, spend 12 hours on your way. So basically the rest you pay, it’s the time. And no one but you can tell what’s the price of your time.

Over program

There’s a plenty of opportunities to have fun in Rio! You can take a helicopter or motor glider flight over the city, parachute jump, or kite, surfing, bjj or samba classes – and it’s just small piece of all you’re able to do! For example; the price of bjj class at famous trainers school is $30, but heli flight is $200. As you can see, the spectrum of options is wide. There’s also bunch of experiences that you can get for free and memory of which stays forever. I can’t say that heli flight wasn’t exciting, but sunset at Ipanema, hiking up to the waterfall  and midnight beer in favela with the view at Rio arouse not less emotions.


$3.600 – for two people not parting like a kings, but also not counting coins 😉 in average consumption of alcohol, with one meal out and moderate entertainment (the paid one 😉 ). Room for two: $ 400, tickets:  $1.900, local transport:  $200, entertainment: $ 550, food: $550

Sort of places with great sea food

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