The Yoga Body – what it actually is?


It’s easy to see that all Yogis look completely different! Some are super athletic, some are super skinny, and some are curvy.

What it is all about then? Is the Yoga Body a particular type of body, or more of an idea?

Without a doubt – this term is not clear, and totally subjective! Although, I would say that term “yoga body” describes a physics which should attract first and foremost ourselves! It’s healthy that everyone wants to look as perfect as possible and hell yeah if that’s the reason why one is stepping on the Yoga path!

How to get a dream body then? Well, if we want to succeed in the battle for a Yoga Body, without yoyo – effect after few weeks, but with permanent results – we have to use the power which these days is often forgotten: the Yoga Mind – a factor of every great achievement!


“Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah” (Yoga Sutras: I, 2) – Ptanjali’s words which literally mean “Yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind.”

A balanced mind better controls its body. A balanced mind can stop itself, take a “breath” and see the real nature of things. A balanced mind can say “stop” when your ego pushes for physical practice when the

body begs for rest and recovery. It is able to find the difference between hunger and gluttony. It can estimate if everyday’s portion of chocolate is really crucial for our organism to work properly 😉

It’s able to catch the moment in which a moderate diet becomes an anorexia.

Balance is the point. That’s why, apart from the physical practice, we should meditate! Even 10 minutes of meditation daily allows us to see ourselves from a different angle, to understand ourselves better, and see what we hold deep inside.

It’s a good habit, which makes a way for the Yoga Body not only more pleasant, but also faster!


The most important thing is to build a friendship with yourself and learn to love yourself.

To love does not mean to accept what we don’t like in us! It means to be aware of all our flaws and disadvantages, and to put all the effort into self improvement, into the change.

To love means also to develop an ability to create with what we already have – consider our genetic predispositions – and polish this diamond! Start to love yourself – be the best version of YOU!


Imagine you have a hump, or your degree of fat tissue dangerously grows to the extent that tying your shoelaces becomes a challenge. Do you think that observing the process is the way? Of course you don’t! We don’t have to – and we shouldn’t – accept what we dislike! Especially if it depends on us in 100%!

We have an absolute right to manage our life, and the best way is through making good decisions.

Awareness of a problem is the first step to a great auto-revolution!

Whatever the problem is, first of all – call it by its name: “ I have a hump”, “I’m fat” – such a release when you finally can say it loud! Now you can implement new habits which will make a change, not only in your body, but in the way of thinking as well! Watching the progress improves self esteem and motivates for further actions, additionally develops firmness and discipline.


Think of all of the world’s famous Yogis. Do you really think they were born that “zen” and flexible? Of course not! They are the same human beings as all the others! They face the same obstacles like all of us do, and have the same first reactions – fear, anxiety, jealousy, indecision, discouragement, and many,many more.

Nevertheless, finally they always find a peace of mind, and start an action. In actions they’re unstoppable and it is what differs them from the rest. Yes! – the key word is PERSISTENCE.


Is the Yoga Body a particular type of body, or more an idea?

Well, it’s an idea of a particular body type. A healthy body, a respected body, a nourished body. A body physically active and rested. This is an idea of a body which is well feed, in the line with the principle “you are what you eat” (and no, it doesn’t mean you should eat tones of sugar to be sweet 😉 just eat smart and, instead of coffee, switch to this).

It’s an idea of a body well-kept, supported by the mind cherished in the same way. What is the Yoga Body? It’s a body beloved!

Start with love – when we love, we care!

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