Yoga before pregnancy
That super exciting moment when you make the decision of getting pregnant!
Pregnancy it’s – unquestionably – a big deal! Same for women’s body, as well as their mind.
As naturally our bodies were designed to carry a baby and bring the new life to the world, unfortunately modern lifestyle model often makes it hard to handle for our nervous system. When the system is overload, it can’t work properly, and this kind of situation is not what our body requires to get pregnant.
Unbalanced hormones – a direct result of stressful lifestyle which lots of women are forced to live – are common reason of fertility problems.
Yoga practice is a perfect tool to prepare both – body and mind – for pregnancy!
Slow down 
Yoga is the best type of workout to balance hormonal system – gentle exercises based on natural body weight, during which practitioners should focus on steady and soft breath. The breathing action calms  the nervous system – therefor helps the hormones to find their balance. The other result of yoga breathing is suppling all of the cells in oxygen, what naturally makes them healthier and nourished!
A few minutes of daily meditation will also help you to find mental balance! What happens in head, occurs the body – it’s crucial to take care of our inner side too.
Stronger mothers have stronger babies!
It’s proven that maintaining moderate physical activity during pregnancy keep your body in better shape and increases chances for your baby to be active too!
Physically active moms have also easier and faster labour!
Building the habit of regular practice before getting pregnant, makes it easier to maintain while you are with child!
According to your needs and abilities, being active during pregnancy helps general wellbeing. Although first trimester can be super tricky to keep the routine – that’s why it’s even more crucial to keep your body in shape before you conceive! Even if first 3 months makes you unable to workout, in the second trimester you can slowly get back to your moderate practice with some strong base!

Pregnancy yoga

Relax, Mamas!

Hight intensity workouts trigger our body to produce more cortisone – the stress hormone. Too much cortisone in the system can suppress levels of growth hormone and sex hormones, which can weaken fertility. Yoga practice keeps heart rate under controlled level and promotes balanced hormonal system.

The other major fertility factor is the quality and length of sleep. 
Lack of proper sleep can cause serious hormonal issues and increase stress level. 
Regular physical activity, as well as meditation and breathing exercises, improve the quality of sleep and were found helpful curing insomnia!
Well relaxed and recovered bodies are more fertile!

Pregnancy yoga

Release yourself!

Yoga clothes should support the practice! Too short, too tiny, too booby, too low, too high, rolling down while folding down. All of us know that feeling! 
Time on the mat is sacred! This is the moment when finally we can focus on our selves!
Life is too short to ruin this special time by practicing in yoga clothes we don’t love!
Yoga leggings and yoga bras which support the practice and make us feel comfortable should be the same important as Yoga mat! Shine shorts are definitely my number one!
Treat yourself with some sweet Yoga set! First: you deserve it, second – it will decrease your stress level 🙂