All great achievements require one thing – a first step. You have two ways to implement the Plus Performance Yoga System into your training routine – Personalized Yoga Videos and Private Online Yoga Classes. Learn more and find out what fits your needs. Get your Yoga Sequence and improve your game. The first step is one click away.

Online Yoga Classes

Are you traveling, or can’t leave your place? It’s not a problem! Now you can have live video practice with me, no matter where you are. All you need is your mat and wifi!

Get Your Online Yoga Class!

Specialized Classes / Workshops

A perfect way for integration is organizing people’s time  through workshops! All you need is place big enough and me ☺

  • Yoga for the Bridal Party – calm down before the big day and do the Yoga!
  • Yoga Intro – during this classes people will learn main yoga poses, breathing exercises and basics of meditation.
  • Mindfull Break – great way to slow down people’s minds in between conference or event blocks
  • Awaking yoga – Healthy lifestyle themed event or workshops? – Yoga must be there! Show people how great and relaxing Yoga could be by giving them a chance to try it by themselves in very gentle way!

Reservations, prices info and more details via e-mail or phone

Yoga Weekends and Yoga Retreats

If you want to organize a yoga retreat for a group of people and give yourself boost of positive Energy, contact me and let me build your dream retreat

Personalized Yoga Video

Basing on essential information you shared with us, we will design for you a personalized yoga sequence. The sequence will be recorded for you in a form of video, with visual and verbal instructions. You will receive a private link to the video – therefore you are the only one who has access to it!

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Klaudia Siejca Personal trainer

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