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Online Yoga Class

Group yoga classes are great, but private lessons are the ones which give you opportunity to improve your practice in surprising ways. According to your needs and focusing in 100% on your goals! Whether new to the yoga game, needing rehabilitation or prevention from an injury, or just wanting to take your practice to the next level. It is like Double Plus Performance! With teacher’s eyes on you, you can be sure that all asanas (yoga poses) will be done well and properly!

Personalized Yoga Video

Why not every Yoga Video is for you? Because accidentally chosen routine can, rather than improve flexibility, overuse some of your joints and cause an injury. A person with a lower back injury has different needs than a one with an injured knee. Yoga can instantly make your performance plus, but only when it fits your needs. Feel free to be special, get Yoga plan designed just for you!



Yoga Before Pregnancy

Yoga before pregnancy That super exciting moment when you make the decision of getting pregnant!Pregnancy it’s - unquestionably - a big deal! Same for women’s body, as well as their mind. As naturally our bodies were designed to carry a baby and bring the new life to...

How to get flexible legs

How to get your legs flexible! Let’s start with flexibility itself - what’s that? When we talk about ability of the body to bend, extend and generally move without rupturing muscles during these actions - that’s when body is flexible. Of course flexibility has...

Benefits Of Inversions

Upside Down - Benefits of Inversions Inversion – a light version of Rollercoaster? Inversions are all those Yoga poses in which we are basically upside down. Many people are afraid of inversions - we are not bats, so it’s completely understandable! We have not got...