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Online Yoga Class

Group yoga classes are great, but private lessons are the ones which give you opportunity to improve your practice in surprising ways. According to your needs and focusing in 100% on your goals! Whether new to the yoga game, needing rehabilitation or prevention from an injury, or just wanting to take your practice deeper. It is like Double Plus Performance! With teacher’s eyes on you, you can be sure that all asanas (yoga poses) will be done well and properly!

Personalized Yoga Video

Why not every Yoga Video is for you? Because accidentally chosen routine can, rather than improve flexibility, overuse some of your joints and cause an injury. A person with a lower back injury has different needs than a one with an injured knee. Yoga can instantly make your performance plus, but only when it fits your needs. Feel free to be special, get Yoga plan designed just for you!



How to Face An Injury

How to face an injury? "The game has its ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can't let yourself be beat because of lack of effort". ~Michael Jordan Grass is always greener on the other side It’s easy to be active, cheerful and...

Yoga vs Weightlifting

Yoga vs Weightlifting Question is: can Yoga build a strength? Hell yes, it can! We often associate Yoga practitioners with skinny, anemic look and energy level close to zero. This vision could be true, but at the same time it could be very wrong! In variety of Yoga...

The Yoga Body – You Can Have One Too!

The Yoga Body - what it actually is? AIM HIGH AND DREAM BIG It’s easy to see that all Yogis look completely different! Some are super athletic, some are super skinny, and some are curvy. What it is all about then? Is the Yoga Body a particular type of body, or more of...

6 exercises before you start surfing!

6 exercises before you start surfing! I started surfing few months ago, and from all of sports I’ve ever tried in my life - and, trust me, the list is long - surfing is in my top 5 of the most difficult disciplines to learn! Even though I’m physically active and my...