About the system

Private Classes

Plus Performance is an innovative Yoga system. It’s a halfway point where Yoga meets sports and finally they compliment each other! Designed by Klaudia who is a therapist, yoga teacher, coach and athlete – the system considers all physical aspects, such as injuries, limits, body needs and personal preferences! Therefore it builds strength, balance and flexibility in a safe way. The aim of the system is to build an injury prevention and perfectly designed yoga sequence, drew up with personal approach, according to ones physical and mental needs.

The Time appears to us as the highest value. Plus Performance Yoga plans are designed to condense the most beneficial sequence in possibly shortest period of time. Only essentials!

In the name of that, Plus Performance Yoga mixes styles of Yoga! It allows student to finally build both during one class – flexibility and strength! As every sequence is unique, students can be sure they work on those areas that are actually in need!

Plus Performance Yoga plans are 100% personalized! No matter of condition, the body we are starting to work with is always perfect.

Group Classes

Plus Performance Yoga group classes are designed for athletes and active people who want to practice that kind of Yoga which compliments their main sport discipline.

Plus Performance Yoga is considered as an injury prevention program. Constant practice strengthens areas which usually are the most prone to a damage, and stretches those ones in which athletes are holding a tension.

Focused on physical activity linked to breathing action, Plus Performance Yoga improves efficiency and teaches students how to control breath and heart rate.

During group classes, we work not only on strengthening and stretching ones body, but we also challenge to learn new, advanced poses and basically have fun – it’s Yoga without “Om”!