New life

Let’s be honest. We speed up and look away every time we see an unpleasant sight, a dirty homeless guy sitting at train station, bloodied animal with missing body parts or somebody with a crippling injury. For years we are afraid to cross a bridge and enter suburban neighborhood about whose residents we have heard scary stories. Why we do that? Because we are afraid? Or maybe we don’t want to let bad looking episodes of existence into our own story, as if they could somehow pollute our own life.

Hard to see when and where but the society has inserted into our minds the idea that to live a satisfying life, everything that surrounds us has to be nice and perfect, defining at the same time what nice and perfect is. There is one problem with that.

But we are all in the process of building our future and our experiences are building blocks. Unfortunately, chances are that we won’t build interesting future using only pink and rainbow thoughts and stories. In order to make reasonable and good decisions we have to educate ourselves at first and see the world as it is, without being paralyzed by the uncomfortable facts.

So start right now; slow down and face your fears; when homeless man crosses your way – don’t pretend that he’s not here, you can even initiate a little conversation – you never know, maybe this stranger will tell you how he turned his ship into a wreck and protect you from making same mistakes? Then you can cross the bridge, take a step on the foreign ground, give yourself a chance to incarnate into that one who you used to call outsider. Let the locals shake your hand and take you inside – what if you find your home there?

Awareness and education are the most valuable and important tools to build our lives. Take everything that daily possibilities give you and turn it into an important lesson. New day means new life. Don’t reject the chance to learn or achieve more. Just open your eyes, open your heart and take opportunities – they are everywhere.


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